The Advocacy Academy is a transformational six month Social Justice Fellowship running from August '18 - January '19.

You can apply to become a Fellow of The Advocacy Academy if:

~ You’re hungry for change & want to make your voice heard
~ You’ll be in Year 12 or 13 in Sept '18
~ Your home or school post-code begins with SW/SE

All Fellows will attend:

- Three residential retreats (August, October & December)
- Eight fortnightly gatherings
- One kick-ass graduation ceremony

If you're reading this, you have been granted the extended application deadline of midnight on Friday 23rd March. Just click the yellow button to begin.

Questions? Great!

Email our team at or call Amelia on 07751 819 752.

Below is the 2018-19 Fellowship calendar. These dates may change a little, but we wanted to give you an idea of the journey you'll go on with The Advocacy Academy.


So you want to join The Advocacy Academy? Excellent choice! Start by telling us your first name: *

And now your last name: *

When's your birthday? *

And what country were your born in? *

How about your home address (don't forget to include the post code!) *

Now your Mobile Number: *

And your preferred E-mail Address: *

The name of your sixth form/college: *

Name of secondary school, if different. (Where did you attend from year 7-11?)

In September 2018, What school year will you be in?

What is Your Race & Ethnicity? (Please click on ALL the categories to which you perceive you belong. Feel free to use your own words.) *

What is your Sexual Orientation? *

What is Your Faith? *

Do you have Caring Responsibilities? (A young carer is someone who helps look after a relative who has a condition, such as a disability, illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol problem.)

Do You Have a Disability? If so, tell us about it. This may include, but is not limited to: - Hearing, speech or visual impairments - Co-ordination, dexterity or mobility - Mental health - Speech impairment - Learning disabilities - Other physical or medical conditions

Please list your GCSE results. If you've just sat your GCSEs, tell us your predicted grades. E.g. 2 As, 5 Bs, 2 Cs [your grades won't impact your application] *

Tell us who you currently live with (e.g. Mum, stepdad and sister): *

- Do your parents/guardians work? If yes, tell us what they do for a living. *

- Tell us about your home. Do you rent from the council or housing association, from a private landlord, own your own home, or are you in temporary accommodation? *

You now have up to 300 words to tell us about a social issue that makes you angry or a cause you are passionate about and why. This is the most important question on the application. We suggest typing your answer in a Word document first, and pasting it into the form (just in case...) IMPORTANT: There is most definitely no right answer, but we encourage you to be personal. Anyone can be angry about poverty or war. We are looking for answers that are close to your heart - that tell us about who you are and what you've experienced. *

You made it! Thank you for completing this long-ass form. We will be back in touch in April.

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